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Boire & Frères is a family owned and operated company with 85 years of experience in the Quebec Poultry Industry. The head office is located in the municipality of Wickham, which is close to the city of Drummondville.  The company services more than 40% of the Quebec broiler chick market and runs the largest broiler chick hatchery in Canada. More than 400 people work in the organization, and 3 to 4 million eggs are delivered each week to its hatcheries.

Boire & Frères is deeply committed to the humane treatment of the animals within the organization, and recognizes and accepts its responsibility for their care and well-being. The company follows or exceeds industry and regulatory guidelines, and all employees share the responsibility of ensuring the highest level of compliance.

Boire & Frères is also a pioneer in product quality and technical advice, which has allowed the company to meet their customer's ever changing needs. The organization has many long term relationships with its customers, and has worked with them to obtain the support they required in the development and completion of their business ventures. Boire & Frères will continue to partner with producers, and help them achieve their goals and face future challenges.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow: always committed to our customers.

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Boire et Frères parmi les 50 entreprises lauréate du titre des sociétés les mieux gérées au Canada.

We are now HACCP certified.